Bringing you the coffee beans directly from its sources, Ulubelu Mountainous, Lampung, Indonesia. We present you with the finest robusta coffee grown and harvested by the local farmers in Lampung who had dedication in the industry for decades.

Fresh coffee beans with a strong aroma is just one of the specialties from Ulubelu Coffee. To maximize the rich flavor of each coffee bean, Ulubelu Coffee has adhered to the best environmental practice for processing them in the most sustainable manner. Since 2012, Ulubelu Coffee has been awarded with Certification as well accreditation from the National Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia.

With “Halal” certification and an in-house R-Grader, all batches have been processed thoroughly for quality control. Only the most excellent coffee will be refined to be our Grade 1 Single Origin Robusta Ulubelu Coffee.

We hope that Ulubelu Coffee will be able to represent the unique taste and aroma of Lampung Coffee that is second to none. Enjoy!

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100gr Pure Coffee

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